New PD250/90RP-C Maxi rig arrives AMS Trenchless Fleet

Our new Prime Drilling PD250/90 RP-C arrived at our Scunthorpe on 13th November, and is ready for work!

This new addition to our fleet will expand our capacity in the Maxi Drilling market, allowing installation of pipes up to 1.5m diameter and 2km in length.

The PD250/90 range of Directional Drilling rigs, of which we now have two, offer thrust and pullback forces of up to 250 tonnes and rotational torque of 90000Nm making these the most powerful horizontal directional drilling rigs based in the UK.

For more information on these rigs, or if you would like to discuss a project that you are working on please visit our Maxi Drilling Rigs page, or contact us.