Guided Auger Boring equipment – Hire and Sales

AMS No-Dig have a fleet of Bohrtec Guided Auger Boring rigs for hire. Also equipment may be available for sale.   Please contact us for details.

These include the Bohrtec BM400LS and the Bohrtec BM400.

The BM 400 is an auger drilling rig for accurate installation of small diameter sewers (OD 279 mm, 368 mm, 419 mm and 560 mm are standard, OD max is 620 mm ) in displaceable soils out of circular or square shafts with minimum 2000 mm ID.

Technical Details
Jacking Force1000 kN
Retracting Force500 kN
Hydraulic Pressure320 bar
Stroke630 mm
Torque12000 Nm
Weight2600 kg
Machine axis height800 mm
Pipe OD Max620 mm
Machine Dimensions (L x W)2.0m x 1.2m
Hydraulic Unit
Motor TypeDiesel
Power50 kW
Flow Rate132/160 l/min / bar
Oil Capacity230 litres
Diesel Capacity90 litres
Dimensions (l x w x h)2m x 1m x 1.5m
Bohrtec BM400
Bohrtec BM400
Bohrtec BM400LS
Bohrtec BM400LS