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Case Study: Outfall Pipe Ram

Project Summary

Supply and install 24m of outfall pipework from existing site to a headwall location on the banks of a river.

AMS were initially contracted by the client to provide a quotation for the installation of a gravity surface water outfall by Directional Drilling solution for a trenchless surface water outfall installation into the river. However, with the high risk of drilling fluid entering the river Directional Drilling was discounted as an option. Following a review of the site and ground conditions a pipe ram solution was selected as the preferred method of construction. The Pipe Ram system has the advantage of being a “dry” method, meaning zero risk of river pollution. In addition the steel pipe could be installed to essentially a dead end—without the need for a reception pit. On completion, spoil from inside the steel pipe was removed using a Vacuum Excavator, allowing the client to excavate and connect onto the installed pipe whilst constructing the outfall headwall.

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Pipe Rammer in operation
Pipe Rammer in operation
Outfall Pipe Ram