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Health and Safety

AMS Trenchless is committed to providing a working environment that is healthy and safe for everyone employed by the company.

AMS Trenchless is committed, as far as is practicable, to ensuring that the health, safety and physical condition of any person or property is not adversely affected by the activities of the business.

The company will ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

Through a process of monitoring and review the company will ensure that the workplace provides a safe working environment.

Training will ensure that the company’s workforce understand their rights and responsibilities in respect of the heath and safety of themselves and others and are fully competent in relation to the duties that they are expected to undertake during the course of their employment.

Health and safety is a fundamental part of every decision we make.

AMS Trenchless achieved ISO 45001:2018 accreditation for Occupational Health and Safety Management during 2021, covering the scope of activities: Horizontal Directional Drilling and Guided Auger Boring, including design and development.


AMS Trenchless’ principles provide a sound framework for setting and reviewing our Environmental objectives and targets. Wherever we operate in the world we are committed to achieving a high level of performance.

The management team are fully committed to achieving high standards of performance in minimising the risk to and impact on the environment from our activities. AMS Trenchless have developed and maintain systems to achieve the following principles:

  • Comply with all legislation, regulations and company policy where the Environment is concerned.
  • Demonstrate our commitment by striving for continual improvement in our Environmental performance.
  • Identify Environmental risks and take action to reduce emissions and prevent environmental pollution.
  • Ensure our contractors and partners demonstrate the same level of commitment to continuous improvement in their environmental performance.
  • Provide a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets to make sure our employees work with due consideration for the environment.

We are committed to a process of continual improvement in all areas, including achieving Environmental Standard ISO14001 in 2009.