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Guided Auger Boring

Guided Auger Boring can provide a solution in situations where HDD cannot be utilised, where set up room is limited or in situations where levels are critical.

Traditionally this technique has been used in the installation of vitrified clay gravity sewers but is being applied increasingly in the installation of steel sleeves used to carry utility installations.

The AMS Trenchless fleet has the capacity to install product up to 900mm in diameter and up to 120m in length, subject to ground conditions using Guided Auger Boring.

We can install Denlok sizes as follows:

  • DN150 (6″)
  • DN225 (9″)
  • DN300 (12″)
  • DN450 (18″)
  • DN500 (20″)
  • DN600 (24″)
  • DN700 (28″)
Guided Auger Boring
One of AMS Trenchless’ Bohrtec Guided Auger Rigs in operation
The Guided Auger Boring method as described by the manufacturer of our Guided Auger Boring rigs, Bohrtec GmbH

Guided Auger Boring Image Gallery