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Pit Launch Directional Drilling Rig

AMS Trenchless has recently increased its Horizontal Directional Drilling fleet with the purchase of a Pit Launch Directional Drilling Rig.

The Pit Launch Drilling Rig is a heavily engineered machine capable of producing 12 tonnes pull force with 3000 ft/lbs of rotary torque and is fully steerable.

Utilising pressure compensating load-sensing hydraulics, the rig will only demand the required amount of power from the 126 BHP Cummins 4BTA diesel engine.

Rotary torque is produced by a proven Poclain MS11 Hydraulic piston motor. To keep the overall length to the minimum, the breakout wrench is designed to travel up the mast during the final ream and product installation. This allows a reamer of up to 355mm diameter to come up onto the bed of the rig with the product pipe behind it. A hydraulically controlled push plate is fitted to the rear of the mast to clamp the rig into position between the pit face and the rear wall.

The Pit Launch is an all hydraulic rig. There are no electrical controls in the pit even the engine emergency stop is on a flying lead that can be removed at night.

Designed to operate 1 metre long drill rods the rig will set up in a pit approximately 3 metres long x 1.6 metres wide. The Power Unit will remain on the surface connected via a 10 metre long hydraulic umbilical.

If you would like more information about the new opportunities that this acquisition brings, please contact us:

Pete Guilliatt (Operations Director): [email protected]

Pit Launch rig in operation
Pit Launch rig in operation