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Case Study: Pipe Ram – October 2018

Project Summary

AMS were contracted to provide a solution for a trenchless crossing beneath an existing road. Following a review of the site and ground conditions it was clear that a pipe ram would be the preferred solution as the ground formations were not favourable for auger boring.

Pipe Ramming was chosen as the most economical method capable of dealing with the engineering constraints and challenging geology. And the relatively shallow cover depth along with limited space available on site.

The works comprised of the design and installation of a 323mm 12.9mm wall HP coated steel gas main beneath a major road, For a length of 40m. In order to  install the steel tube the Pipe Ramming system imparts percussive force that drives the open ended steel tube through the ground, additional lengths of steel tube are then welded to the previous and the process continues. Once  completed the ground left within the steel tube was removed using high pressure water jetting. The full installation was completed within just 5 shifts

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Pipe Rammer in operation
Pipe Rammer in operation
Pipe Ram – October 2018