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Maxi Rigs

AMS Trenchless has recently increased its Horizontal Directional Drilling fleet with the purchase of a new Prime Drilling PD250/90 RP-C Maxi Drilling Rig to add to the existing Prime Drilling PD250/90 RP-T, together with mud processing, pumping and recycling plant.   This latest acquisition increases the capability of the company in the maxi-drilling market.

Our two maxi rigs are both based on the Prime Drilling PD250/90 RP, which, as the name suggests, offers 250 tonnes of thrust and pullback with 90,000Nm of rotary torque making these the most powerful rigs based in the United Kingdom.

In simple terms this means conduits up to 1.5m diameter and bores in excess of 2km are within scope.

To work in conjunction with these maxi-drilling rigs AMS have also purchased a comprehensive Mud processing and recycling facilities. The high performance Derrick recycling units have been designed to process 3000 litres of high viscosity drilling fluid per minute and comprises two Derrick Equipment FLC-504 shale shakers for primary screening and a Derrick FLC-504 mud cleaner complete with three x 10″ de-sander cones and 20 x 4″ de-silter cones for de-sanding and de-silting.

The Derrick 504 units are mounted on a 24″ base tank which incorporates integrated centrifugal pumps to feed the de-sander and de-silter cones. Screening is carried out using the revolutionary pyramid screening system ensuring consistent cleaning down to approximately 20µm.

The mud mixing system comprises an 18 cubic metre mixing tank incorporating integrated centrifugal pumps for mixing through a 6″ mud hopper, plus two 30 cubic metre holding tanks complete with agitators.

If you would like more information about the new opportunities that this acquisition brings, please contact us:

Pete Guilliatt (Operations Director): [email protected]

AMS Trenchless' PD250/90 RP-T with mud mixing and recycling systems set up for rock drilling in Bundoran, Ireland
AMS Trenchless’ PD250/90 RP-T with mud mixing and recycling systems set up for rock drilling in Bundoran, Ireland
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